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What to Do When Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian


Other than careless driving, pedestrian related accidents do happen as a result of adverse weather and poor road conditions, among other factors. Knowing the steps to take after an accident can save one's life and protect their rights. Below are some of the things you can do when hit by a car while walking or crossing the road.

Seek Medical Help

Your wellbeing should always come first. If you have been injured badly, call 911 or have someone do it for you. If you are in serious pain, avoid moving as this may cause your injuries to become worse. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't seek medical help if your injuries don't hurt so badly. You should go to the hospital even with minor injuries. Sometimes the damage done when you are hit by something can be internal. Injuries that cause internal bleeding can be fatal if not addressed immediately. Thus, get checked immediately regardless of the extent of the injury and follow the treatment plan your doctor recommends. Going to the hospital immediately is also recommended because the doctor's report can help you in getting the settlement you deserve.

Call the Police

Just like going to the hospital, you should ensure that the authorities are notified of the accident regardless of whether it was a minor or major one. The police report can be helpful when making a claim as it is one of the pieces of evidence that shows that the accident did indeed happen. Calling the police can also be helpful in locating the motorist in the case of a hit and run. Finally, the police can help in interviewing the witnesses and recording details about the scene of the accident.

Take Photos and Write Things Down

If you have a phone with you, consider taking photos of the scene of the accident and your injuries. Also, write down the events that led to the accident, the type of car that hit you and the details of the driver who hit you. You may ask the driver for their personal details but avoid discussing the details of the accident with them. They may use your words against you later.

Discuss the Settlement with a Lawyer

Don't discuss settlement options with anyone before talking to a lawyer. There are so many factors that affect the settlement option and amount. Mike Morse personal injury attorneys in Southfield MI highlight some of these factors as the following:

  • Where the accident occurred
  • Type of pedestrian injuries
  • Driver insurance coverage
  • Negligence
  • Medical treatment
  • Age of the victim
  • Permanency of pedestrian injuries, among others.

Give your lawyer all the details of your accident and he or she will be able to advise you on the action to take.

If it's your first time working with a personal injury attorney, ensure you do your research well when hiring. The best lawyer for such a case is one who is experienced in handling pedestrian accident cases. Check the lawyer's website for practice areas, ask questions when you call or visit and read reviews from their past clients. 

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