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Truck Accidents: 5 Common Causes and How You Can Avoid Them


One of the many fears truck drivers share is being involved in an accident. Should one occur, not only can it cause major injuries to yourself and others, your truck can get damaged in the process, as well as insurance and legal issues that leave you off the road for the foreseeable future.

While only 2.4% of all accidents on the roads involve commercial trucks, with 16% of these accidents being caused by the truck driver, it's still important to know what strategies to take to avoid being in a truck accident. With that in mind, here are five common causes of truck accidents and useful tips to boost your alertness.


Speeding is regarded as one of the most frequent causes of road accidents. When compared to a car, a semi-truck can employ more force in an impact due to their vast size and weight. This means that when you're driving a truck, you need to be more aware of your speed and distance between you and other vehicles on the road. If you're in a hurry, it can be tempting to speed to make your destination on time. However, speeding will put other motorists' lives on the line and increase your chances of being in an accident.

Driver Fatigue

Many truck drivers work long hours on the road. If you aren't taking regular breaks, fatigue can set in and reduce your reaction time, making the risk of a truck accident more likely. After many hours on the road, your alertness and responsiveness will begin to deteriorate. So, you need to assess your alertness and decide whether you're too tired to drive.

Blind Spots

When compared with a typical car, trucks are roughly four times the length. So, this means you need to be more alert of your surroundings to ensure another car is not in your blind spot. Other motorists may not be aware of these blind spots, meaning it's your responsibility to keep a safe distance and be cautious when switching lanes.


Depending on where you're driving in the United States, the weather can change in an instant and affect your visibility. If you notice changes in the temperature, there are several things you should do, such as keeping your distance from vehicles in front, and being extra cautious about snow, ice, and debris on the road.

Truck Maintenance

For every trip you take, you must inspect your truck first. Whether it's your brakes, mirrors, or tires, truck maintenance is important. If you let things slide, your truck may not be in a safe condition to drive, meaning you will be putting everyone on the road at risk.

For many truckers, transporting goods from A to B is not just an occupation, but a way of life. If you are involved in a truck accident, contact a Personal injury lawyer Albuquerque firm who can help.

Whether it's your first time on the road, or you've been a trucker for many years, knowing the red flags and keeping yourself safe can significantly reduce the risk of you being involved in a truck accident. 

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