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How to Handle a False Domestic Violence Accusation


False accusations of any kind can be harmful, but an inaccurate domestic violence accusation can be particularly damaging. Unless a false accusation is addressed appropriately, it could cause serious harm to your reputation, put your career at stake and result in you getting a criminal record.

If you've been accused of domestic violence or abuse, it's important to take action straight away. For guidance on how to cope with a false domestic violence accusation, take a look at the steps you can take to resolve the situation:

1. Get Legal Advice

First and foremost, you'll want to get legal advice on how to deal with the accusations made against you. If you've been arrested, you'll be entitled to consult with a lawyer before and/or during interviews. By doing so, you can find out what your rights are and ensure that your position is properly conveyed to the authorities.

Following a false accusation, it's easy to panic and hire the first lawyer you can find. However, choosing the right attorney is critically important. When you've been accused of committing domestic abuse, you'll want to contact lawyers, like Josh Johnson Law Firm, who have extensive experience in dealing with these types of cases.

As well as providing you with representation in criminal proceedings, your lawyer will be able to advise you on how to take legal action against the person making the accusations. If they have made malicious allegations, for example, they could be charged with a criminal offence and you may be able to make a civil claim against them.

2. Seek Support

Being falsely accused of domestic violence is stressful and traumatic. Whether the charges are dismissed quickly, or a trial goes ahead, you're bound to experience feelings of stress and anxiety. Due to this, it's important to access the support you need.

If you can confide in family members or friends, they can provide you with a listening ear, words of comfort and practical support during this time. Alternatively, there are dedicated support groups with members who have experienced the same situation as you. In addition to this, you can seek guidance from a professional therapist or counsellor as you process the allegations made against you.

3. Keep Calm

When you're accused of something you haven't done, it's normal to feel frustrated or angry. Your natural reaction may be to contact the accuser to ask them what they're playing at. However, this type of reaction will not help your case and could end up with you facing additional allegations.

Instead, focus your energies on obtaining the professional and personal support you need. By doing so, you'll put yourself in the best place to be able to successfully refute the allegations.

Are You Protected by the Law?

Making false reports is taken very seriously, so you can be confident that you'll be protected by the law. As well as pursuing criminal charges against an accuser, you could obtain damages from them by filing a civil suit too. In doing so, you can highlight the false nature of the allegations and feel vindicated that your reputation is unblemished. 

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