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Divorce on the cards? Worrying signs you should never ignore


The last year has put immense pressure on married couples. Whether it's money worries, health concerns or troubles over infidelity, more couples than ever are separating and starting divorce proceedings. Divorce isn't something that people get into lightly, after reconciliation, mediation, even marriage therapy and counselling, divorce really is the last resort.

However, for some couples, it's the only option. Thankfully, it's not something you have to manage or go through alone. This Virginia Beach divorce lawyer is waiting to discuss your current marital situation and guide you through the process. Click the link to find out more. Having a divorce lawyer on your side will allow you to navigate what could be a difficult divorce and one of the most stressful and emotionally raw periods of your life.

So, how do you know if your marriage is well and truly over? Here we'll explore the worrying signs you should never ignore.

Silence is golden

When was the last time you and your partner argued? When we picture couples on the brink of divorce it's easy to imagine screaming and shouting, the slamming of doors and looks of disdain and anger. While it's not unheard of, couples who don't argue and simply can't be bothered with the hassle of an argument they know they won't win or don't even care about speaks volumes.

Many couples argue as a way to resolve their issues and (hopefully) come to an agreement, however those who let their feelings of anger and frustration simmer, usually infer that there's no fight or interest in saving the relationship left.

Feelings of disdain

When your relationship began, you probably felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach or your heart would skip a beat in your chest at the mention of their name. These days, it could be a different picture. If those feelings of excitement and desire have been replaced with contempt, anger and exacerbation from the moment they walk into the room, then it could be a sign that your marriage is over.

They're no longer your confidante

You're having a bad day, or you're worried about something. Or perhaps you're elated at some happy news and you just have to share it. Who's the first person you go to tell? If the answer is anyone but your spouse, then it's a sign you shouldn't ignore. If the connection you once had is now gone and there's no chance of rekindling it, then you should consider reaching out to a divorce lawyer.

And finally, trust has been broken

For many marriages, infidelity is the spark that ignites the flames of bitterness, heartbreak and divorce. If your trust has been broken, then you'll find it difficult to move on and trust your spouse again. Even if it was a mistake. Accepting their apology is one thing, but bringing up their infidelity or other issues every time you have an argument, or worrying every time their phone lights up isn't healthy. For those who can't move past lies, discreet and infidelity, divorce is perhaps the best option. 

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