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5 Ways to Negotiate Hard Costs After a Slip and Fall Accident


A slip, trip or a fall can occur in the blink of an eye and result in devastating consequences for your health and wellbeing. Whether it's damaged ligaments or broken bones, there are lots of injuries that may result in you having to take time off work or leave altogether.

Your first step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you win your case. The first phase of negotiations is to obtain compensation for hard costs, which are expenses that you have incurred due to your injuries. The second phase is to seek compensation for the suffering and pain you've sustained as a result of your injuries. Here are five tips on how to negotiate your medical bills and hard costs successfully.

Report the Accident at the Scene

Accidents can happen in a blink of an eye. Whether you have a slip and fall at work or in public, the experience can be embarrassing. Your first thought may be to leave the situation as quickly as possible. However, this can have a negative impact on your case going forward. It's important that you report the accident there and then and take photographic evidence of your injuries and the scene.

Seek Immediate Medical Help

Your health and wellbeing should be put before anything else after a slip and fall. Even if you believe your injuries aren't serious, you could have internal bleeding that may not present itself until a few hours later. Make sure that you head to the hospital and get checked over by a medical professional. If someone else calls 911 at the time of the accident, the paramedics will examine you at the scene.

Gather Bills and Medical Records

To strengthen your slip and fall claim and maximize your compensation, you will need to gather all your medical bills and medical records that will be used as evidence. You can request copies of your medical records and bills online that will outline the extent of your injuries and the cost of treatment. Make sure that you gather receipts for any out of pocket expenses, like bandages, medications, and medical equipment too. There are slip and fall lawyers boise ID who can assist you in gathering evidence.

Factor in Lost Income

The insurance company will not compensate you for lost income until you have a doctor's order in place that excuses you from employment and a lost wage statement from your boss. Make sure that your employer's wage statement details the number of days you have missed, your rate of pay, and outlines any overtime opportunities you have missed because of your injuries.

Be Ready to Prove Negligence

Getting an injury on someone else's property doesn't entitle you to compensation automatically. Instead, you will need to prove that the owner of the property was negligent. To achieve this, you must provide witness statements, photos, and videos, and building code violations.

A slip and fall injury can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. If you're unable to do the things you once loved due to your injury, it's important that you do everything in your power to fight for justice and get the compensation you deserve. All the suggestions above can help you negotiate hard costs and be compensated for your injuries. 

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