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Why You Need to Act Fast After Being Injured by a Commercially Manufactured Product


There are frequent news reports of consumers being injured while using products that they paid for in the properly instructed manner. Whether it's curling irons that leave your hair damaged and fried or a food product that caused you to choke so badly that you were hospitalized, you can't leave any room for interpretation. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury claims know that accidents don't absolve offenders of liability. If it can be proven that you were not in error when you used a commercially produced product and became injured as a result, the manufacturer is responsible for paying all of your medical expenses, for any time that you were out of work, plus compensation for pain and inconvenience. Acting fast after experiencing a personal injury caused by a manufactured product will best help you in proving your claim.

Detailed Medical Reports

Sometimes, injuries don't appear to be serious enough to necessitate calling for an ambulance. Even so, making a call to your doctor, even if it is after hours, helps in starting an official medical record. Take photos of your injuries as soon as you can and have a licensed medical professional perform a detailed examination. Knowing the exact date that your injury occurred will also aid you in showing how long it has taken you to make a total recovery. You might think this is the right time to contact the manufacturer, but right now there aren't enough facts known to ask for the correct amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

Hearing Your Attorney's Opinion

Once you're feeling up to it, you need to get information on your legal rights from an attorney who represents personal injury victims. Although your injuries are personal to you, there could be other users of the same product who were also injured. A class action lawsuit would not only bolster your claims; it might entitle you to a larger settlement award. Share all of the details surrounding your injury and the medical care that you have been receiving as a result of your injury with any attorneys who you consult with. Choose the lawyer who makes you feel most empowered, informed, and is able to represent you in court as soon as possible.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim in Court

While some personal injury claims are amicably settled prior to a trial being scheduled, you can't just make an accusation and not be prepared to prove your statements. Attorneys show that they mean business by filing claims in court. Have your attorney gather the evidence so that a strong legal brief can be written. Letting a judge see the facts outlined in your petition will get your case the right kind of attention.

If you don't go to an attorney shortly after experiencing a personal injury, doubts could cloud your case. You may also be suspiciously questioned if you wait too long to see a medical professional. Get the ball rolling by taking action that will prove that you were injured and that you didn't do anything wrong.

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