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Q: Is AllGoodLawyers.com an Approved Service?

A: AllGoodLawyers.com is a Privately owned website and Service and is one of the many online legal advice services used by people to gain legal help and advice world wide. We do not guarantee the success of your case nor security of any transactions made as a result of interaction with any third party through this website. Please read our terms of service and legal disclaimer for more information.

Q: Do I have to pay money to a Legal Professional before I request legal serivces through the site?

A: No. You do not have to pay any money for independent legal advice. You post your legal case or services requirement and then negotiate with legal experts for the service and the charges. Experts are only paid by you or AllGoodLawyers.com (if escrow services are invoked) once you have negotiated the terms of service. We do however charge a small fee for posting your services / legal requirements;  for the use of the service.

Can I get Free legal advice from AllGoodLawyers.com?

AllGoodLawyers.com is not a legal firm nor an expert in a position to provide legal assistance. Any kind of legal help is to be sought through the many legal professionals registered with us. You may seek to gain free initial consultation either directly or through our website by posting you rquestion in our Discussions Section.

Q: How secure is my information?

A: AllGoodLawyers.com makes all efforts to protect your private data from inadvertent access. All your personal data is stored online, however, any information supplied that is not meant to be made public will be handled with care and with the highest levels of security. Any information supplied by you in public forums and discussions would be accessible only to the extent that you provide. We do not sell or trade data with any third parties, unless you require us to do so.

Our "ask a lawyer" section for advice is open to public; However confidentiality in your case can be requsted through the legal services section. We offer private messaging facility through the site should you require confidentiality of data or information that is required to be provided to legal experts.

Q. How do I obtain a refund?

A. Experts are paid by AllGoodLawyers.com once you have indicated closing of a project. If you have not received a"satisfactory service" (this will be determined by our site moderator) you can request your payment be refunded in full. Use the form on our contact page for refunds.

Q: What type of legal services does AllgoodLawyers.com provide?

A: AllGoodLawyers.com has legal Experts covering all areas of law including Legal Assistance in the following areas:

Accident Law     Banking and Finance   Bankruptcy   Child Support   Civil Litigation   Consumer Protection   Criminal Defence   Divorce and Seperation  Drunk Driving   Employment Claims   Estate and Property   Family Law   Immigration   Mediation   Medical Malpractice   Nursing Home Neglect   Paralegal   Personal Injury   Tax   Sexual Harrassment   Workers Compensation

Business & Human Resources, Office Assistance, Graphics Design & Media, Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation. For a full list of services please visit our service Category page.

Q: Where is AllGoodLawyers.com based?

A: AllGoodLawyers.com is a website operated from Pakistan and serves international users around the globe.

Q: Who really provides legal services?

A: Services are not provided by our staff but are provided by legal experts registered on the site. We use multiple means to verify thow skilled our service providers are.  We follow a mechanism to screen the genuineness of a legal expert. On our site this information is also displayed that gives you a sense of each service provider's skill level. In part, screening of legal expers includes:

Authenticating email addresses

Displaying each Legal Experts’s Job Success score and feedback on past projects

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective Legal Experts / Service Providers to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your project. Custom screening questions can be included in your job post, and our Messaging system can be used for interviewing finalists.

Q: How do I know the service given by an Expert is likely to be correct?

A: Law is a complex area, and it is certainly open to interpretation. For many services there is simply not a single definitive solution or approach. Therefore, Expert advice and services provided can vary considerably. Each expert will have their own way of dealing with a particular issue. Just because you receive two different solutions doesn’t mean to say that one of them is incorrect. Its just because the law has been interpreted and applied in a different way. You are certainly free to ask two Experts on our website the same question to see whether the opinions are the same or whether they differ. If the opinions are the same we would kindly ask that you accept the answers for at least one of them in full.

Q: How long will it take for me to get a response from an Expert?

A: Sometimes answers may come back within minutes if an Expert with the knowledge you are looking for happens to be online when you post your service requirement. At other times you may have to wait long. Your service requirement details can be sent in our newsletter so that registered experts on our website get your requirement and can respond in a timely manner.


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