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Given below are some of the frequently asked questions about our Legal Service section. Please feel free to contact us if you do not find the answer to your question and we would be glad to respond.

  1. How do I provide Legal Services through AllGoodLawyers.com?
  2. Who can find Work Opportunities?
  3. What is the best practices to work with online clients?
  4. How can I find the right projects?
  5. How does AllGoodLawyers.com’s platform help me manage my work?
  6. What kind of clients can I find on AllGoodLawyers.com?
  7. Why should I request services through AllGoodLawyers.com?
  8. How much can I earn?
  9. How much does joining AllGoodLawyers.com cost?

How do I provide Legal Services through AllGoodLawyers.com?

Your first step requires that you create an account with us.

Your next step is creating a Legal Professional profile to showcase your business and areas of legal practice or expertise. Think of it as an introduction, a resume or a marketing brochure, highlighting your:-

  • Professional or Legal skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Education and accomplishments
  • Online skills test results

The best profiles are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly-looking picture and reference documents highlighting your credentials. Once you have a strong profile, start looking for services requested by clients. More activity means more job prospects.

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Who can find Work Opportunities?

Anyone with professional skills within the legal industry can use AllGoodLawyers.com to find opportunities and build a thriving business.
Jobs are posted regularly, offering ariety of work opportunities for those with the right skills.

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What is the best practices to work with online clients?

In many ways, working with a online clienst is quite similar to working with any other client.

To be successful, you should choose work you're qualified for, communicate well with your clients and project team, and take the time to build a great working relationship. How you work with your clients is up to you, but here are a few tips from our marketplace’s most successful freelancers:

  • Choose your projects carefully.
    • When you interview for a freelance project, “interview” your client as well. Ask questions about the project and what result is expected.
    • Be sure the needs of the job are in line with the desired deadline, and that you'll have the time to execute well.
    • If you end up feeling that the client or project isn't right for you, turn it down and search for more jobs.

  • Start the job strong.
    • Once you're hired, have a conversation with your client to kick off the project. Decide how you will work together and your preferred mode of communication.
    • Agree on project deadlines. Make sure not to overpromise if you don't think a deadline is reasonable.
    • Then, gather all the information you need to get started on the job.
  • Communicate clearly.
    • Be proactive. Even if they don't ask for it, consider communicating with your client at least once per week. Let them know what you're working on, and what your schedule will be for delivering work.
    • Respect timelines. Agree on deadlines with your client and make sure you keep them. If you won't be able to meet a deadline, communicate with your client immediately to let them know when you'll be able to complete the work.
    • When in doubt, ask. If you have a question, ask. This will keep your work on track and on time.
    • Respond quickly. When your client reaches out, consider responding as quickly as you can. Clients may get concerned if they don't hear from a freelancer.

  • Ensure client satisfaction.
    • Consider submitting a small part of the project early on. Ask your client if the work product meets their needs.
    • As you submit deliverables, make sure the client is happy with the results before you move on to the next step.
    • At the end of the contract, make sure your client has everything they need.

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How can I find the right projects?

AllGoodLawyers.com's matching and search capabilities help you pinpoint interesting projects.
To determine the type of jobs you want to search for, you can make a few decisions about how you want to work:

  • Do you want a small project or a longer-term contract?
  • How many hours per week are you available to work?
  • Do you want to get paid fixed price or by the hour?

Now, search AllGoodLawyers.com for jobs that fit your skills and preferences. Read descriptions carefully to determine the ones you are most qualified for and if they meet your criteria.

Once you've found a job that's the right fit, send the client a well-written, error-free proposal to increase your chances of success. Customize your proposal to address the needs outlined in the description. Thousands of freelance jobs are posted each day. To stay on top of the ones that interest you, set up a job feed based on your saved searches.

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How does AllGoodLawyers.com’s platform help me manage my work?

AllGoodLawyers.com provides a user-friendly platform to help you chat and share files, track your time, and get paid.

  • For hourly projects:
  • Download the AllGoodLawyers.com desktop app. It includes the Work Diary, which helps ensure you’re paid for the work you do. By taking work-in-progress screenshots every 10 minutes during billable time, it provides proof to your clients that you are hard at work on their project. You can also manually track hours in the app if your client agrees.

  • Your client will be billed automatically for the time you track via the desktop app.

  •  For fixed-price projects:

Set milestones and deadlines with your client for each part of the project.Submit work for each milestone. Your client will release funds from escrow upon approval.Fixed-Price Protection keeps funds secure while you’re working on each milestone.

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What kind of clients can I find on AllGoodLawyers.com?

Clients using the AllGoodLawyers.com platform range from companies to one-person startups.

AllGoodLawyers.com clients can be top tech companies building a huge product or small businesses needing a brochure design for thier law firm. They might even be a solopreneur who needs some legal assistance. Whatever your preference, you'll have the opportunity to work with companies you like on projects you prefer.

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Why should I request services through AllGoodLawyers.com?

AllGoodLawyers.com gives you freedom to work from anytime, anywhere and as of your choosing. You can quickly and easily grow your services business with our member's ongoing requirements.

Working online with AllGoodLawyers.com offers advantages you won't find offline:

  • Opportunity: You'll find many clients all in one place with numerous projects posted each month.
  • Security: Our website help you get the best return for your investment and provides security for accomplishing tasks for buty Legal professionals and clients.Our escrow service ensures that both parties are secure.
  • Online Suport: We offer regular customer support, and help resolve a dispute; should you need it.
  • Reputation Building: Our client feedback system helps to build your reputation as you go along either as a client or a service provider n a way that is verifiable and leads to more business and higher earnings.

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How much can you earn?

On AllGoodLawyers.com, Service Providers get to set and negotiate their own rates.

As with any business, your earning power is often tied to your experience and the demand for your skills. Once you build your reputation on AllGoodLawyers.com, you'll be able to request higher rates from clients who respect your proven personal skills. In fact, we have found that service providers on AllGoodLawyers.com, increase their hourly rate substantiall in the first year. With access to international job opportunities, your earning potential is no longer limited by the rates in your local market — you can earn as much as your skills are worth to global clientele.

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How much does joining AllGoodLawyers.com cost?

It's free to join AllGoodLawyers.com. We onlny receive a fee from each payment made for a service that is provided depending on the amount billed to the client.
When setting your rate, be sure to price your services accordingly. AllGoodLawyers.com also offers premium membership plans to help you more effectively market your services and stand out from the crowd.

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