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Los Angeles Disability Discrimination Accommodations

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Employers in California have a duty and legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. The law says they have to provide these accommodations unless it would cause the employer "undue hardship." A reasonable accommodation is a change to an employee's job dutie...

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Lien waivers: What Is a Contractor Lien or Subcontractor Lien Waiver?

Lien waivers are exchanged so routinely on construction projects and are so closely tied to payment; it is important to understand how they work Lien waivers are tied to almost every payment in construction. Because lien waivers are exchanged so routinely on construction projects and are so closely tied to payment, it is important to understand how they work. What are the different types of lien waiver and best practices for all construction parties to minimize financial risk?

What is a lien waiver?

A lien waiver is a document commonly exchanged among parties in the construction industry as part of the payment process. The party receiving payment signs a lien waiver (often at the request of the party making payment) in exchange for payment. By signing the waiver, the party receiving payment waives their right to file a mechanics lien. How Mechanics Liens Help Secure Payment on Construction Projects Unlike most other documents that are part of the construction payment process, lien waivers can be exchanged in both directions: they may be created by the party making payment and sent with a request for signature to the party getting payment, or they may be created by the party awaiting payment and sent up the payment string to acceleration up the payment process. Depending on the project, contractors might both send and receive lien waivers.

Why send a lien waiver?

Sending lien waivers builds better relationships. These docs are mutually helpful, so exchanging lien waivers may build trust between construction companies. Lien waivers advantage the party building payment by ensuring they don’t possess to pay out twice. Without a lien waiver, they might pay out the employed party and also encounter a technician’s lien. A correctly performed lien waiver works like an invoice of money, swapping lien privileges for payment. Waivers advantage the party getting payment by traffic up the payment procedure. Celebrations producing payment frequently don’t desire to send out a check unless a lien waiver provides been agreed upon. By sending a ready, agreed upon lien waiver with an account, the party waiting for payment will save period. Also, if the party waiting for payment creates their very own waiver, they can end up being specific they are not really putting your signature on apart even more than lien privileges. The different types of lien waiver There are two categories of lien waiver: conditional waivers and unconditional waivers. As the titles imply, conditional waivers are conditioned when something (typically the invoice of payment) whereas unconditional waivers go into impact as quickly as they are signed, irrespective of whether payment has actually been received. Within each of these two categories, there are two subcategories: waivers on last payment and waivers on progress payment. A waiver on last payment is utilized if the whole agreement worth is becoming paid at one period or when the payment in query can be last payment becoming produced for a task. Improvement payment waivers (sometimes known while part improvement waivers) being used when more obligations are to come in the potential; for example, if a service provider is becoming paid in regular monthly payments. Best practices For parties on both sides of lien waiver exchanges, it is greatest practice to always exchange conditional waivers. Because conditional waivers just move into impact when the purchase provides happened, both the payer and payee are covered. The party getting payment keeps its correct to document a lien until the verify can be in fact cashed; the party producing payment will hardly ever encounter twin payment (having to pay the party they employed and also getting encountered with a lien). Since unconditional waivers are enforceable as shortly as they are signed, they may be dangerous when signed before payment is actually in the loan provider. If a service provider receives a check and signals an unconditional waiver but the check bounces, the service provider is certainly trapped in content. He provides no lien privileges and no payment. Using conditional waivers is very much safer mainly because when trained about the real invoice of payment, a circumstance like this a single cannot take place. Maintain in brain that 12 state governments need particular lien waiver forms. In these state governments, any waiver that will not really make use of one of these statutorily needed forms is normally invalid; therefore it is normally important for those producing and getting payment in these state governments to generally make use of the appropriate type. Alternatively, it is important in the other 38 states to read lien waivers properly to ensure the waiver does not contain any kind of extra concessions. Those putting your signature on waivers should make certain they’re not really putting your signature on apart even more than lien privileges! How to create lien waivers It is fairly easy to download lien waiver forms from the Internet or to create your own by reading the lien statute and building a template. It is especially important to make sure the form is correct if your project is located in one of the 12 states with statutory requirements. NLB provides the most efficient and reliable national construction legal network to enforce your construction law compliance requirements nationwide.

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Why should you train your employees?

 Training your employees is ultimately good for your business. Not only can it improve performance and staff morale, investing in the development of employee's increases profit. The best part is, you get to choose what skills you want you workforce to gain by identifying the needs of your busin...

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Workers Comp Lawyer Tells 3 Reasons Tired Teams are a Risk


We live in a culture of #BeastMode. We praise high-powered CEO's who work around the clock, push ourselves to exhaustion on the daily, use social media to busy our minds, and burn the candle at both ends to meet our obligations to family, friends and everything in between. The problem with this, is ...

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