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Money And The Law When It Comes To Drugs And Alcohol


There are two huge things to consider when you decide to partake in illegal drugs, or you decide to drink and drive. One of them is the cost and the other is the law. Not only do drugs and alcohol cost money, and getting into trouble with them costs money too, but there is also a cost when the law gets involved.

The Costs Of Drugs And Alcohol

Buying drugs and alcohol can make a pretty good dent in your pocket book. In fact, many drug addicts for into debt for their addiction. Different drugs have different monetary costs, and they also have different costs when it comes to your life and livelihood.

One cost of alcohol and drug abuse it your health. It could also cause you your life. From killing your liver to overdosing, the risks are great no matter your drug of choice. When you've hit rock bottom, or hurt yourself, and find yourself getting treatment for your addictions you'll find an additional cost. Although if you're lucky you may have coverage through your insurance.

Costs extend beyond your personal health and wellness as well. You also risk your family, your job, and your livelihood. If you go to work drunk you may lose your job, or get hurt on the job. Drugs in your home pose a risk to little fingers.

And then you also have the cost with going to jail, or getting in an accident that hurts you or someone else. There are court costs, medical costs, and even a cost to your reputation.

Breaking The Law

What constitutes breaking the law when it comes to drug and alcohol does somewhat depend on where you live. While most drugs are completely illegal everywhere, some states have legalized marijuana, and those that haven't have different fines for different amounts found on the person. You could go to jail or lose your job simply for being tested positive for use.

Even using prescription drugs that aren't prescribed to you can land you in jail. Take some time to look into the laws and legalities where you live and decide if the cost of drug use is really worth it. Losing your family and your job are bad enough costs, but spending years in prison could be very traumatic.

Drinking and driving is illegal in most states, but the amount of blood alcohol that makes you drunk may differ. Even driving with a buzz makes you react slower, which can cause an accident. If you cause an accident under the influence of alcohol or even drugs the cost will include fines, jail time, and you could even lose your license. Not only all of that, but you could lose your own life or take someone else's life in the accident, and that is the biggest price of all.

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