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Trucking Accidents 101: Who is At Fault?


Trucking accident deaths rose 2% in 2016 to 4,400 from a year prior. These accidents involved trucks and buses, and while overall crashes fell 41% between 2002 and 2009, they quickly increased 62% by 2015 to 97,000. Accidents rose dramatically in 2016, rising to 119,000. Federal laws are responsible...

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 HOW DOES BUSINESS DEBT HELP ME QUALIFY FOR CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY? Many small businesses close within the first 18 months after opening. It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. Fifty percent of new businesses fail after the first four year...

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Who is Liable for Damages When Recalled Cars are Resold?


An estimated 46 million cars in the U.S. have an open recall that's never been fixed, according to Carfax. From defective airbags to electrical faults and engine problems, the problems associated with recalls are often wide-ranging and dangerous. But what happens if those recalled vehicles are sold?...

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Varghese Summersett Named One of Fort Worth's Fastest Growing Companies

​FORT WORTH – The law firm of Varghese Summersett has been listed as one of Fort Worth's Fastest Growing Companies by Fort Worth Inc. magazine. The law firm came in No. 6 on a list of 30 companies, which were ranked based on three-year revenue growth. Fort Worth Inc. unveiled the rankings on January...

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What You Should Know About Broadside Collisions

 Broadside collisions typically come out of nowhere. One moment you may be driving through an intersection and the next moment a negligent driver runs a red light and hits the side of your car. A broadside collision, also called a T-bone or side-impact accident, is when the front end of one veh...

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Choosing an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you may be on the lookout for expert legal advice. While some auto accident cases and pretty cut and dried, there are others that become a real mess and create a stressful situation that cannot be resolved via normal routes. This is where the help of an...

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Benefits of Hiring a Family Attorney


Family law is arguably one of the most demanding legal niches. Unlike the other legal niches where cases and petitions are structured to win or lose, the family law goes beyond winning. In any typical case involving a family, there is emotional attachment to any case verdict. This complex nature mak...

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Why Legal Action is Important with Slips and Falls

slip and fall

Unintentional falls account for over 19,000 deaths each year in the U.S., according to the CDC. Slips and falls account for 12-15% of all workers' compensation expenses. Workers who are injured on the job are quick to make workers' compensation claims for their injuries, but the everyday person ofte...

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GM Law Firm on Harassment by Debt Collectors


A number of consumers may have shared their sentiments already about being harassed by the collection agents of lending firms. Harassment, while it seems common, must not be considered normal. It can never be something that everyone will just accept as a natural phenomenon. Let us first know what ha...

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Student Debt and Bankruptcy

Do you have outstanding debt from your student loans? If so, you're not alone. In fact, the average college graduate in 2016 carried more than $37,000 in student loan debt. And while many lenders are willing to work with recent graduates by offering flexible repayment plans, the fact is that many gr...

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How to Recover From a Workplace Accident


Any number of different troubles can cause an accident in the workplace. A member of staff failing to follow general health and safety rules, for instance, can result in such a problem. An individual not receiving proper training when it comes to staying safe can also be a contributing factor to thi...

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Why You Need a Lawyer When Suffering From Personal Injuries


A personal injury occurs when a person sustains some sort of injury that another person causes. In some cases, the person with the injuries was hurt due to negligence in a hospital, which means multiple people could be at fault, including doctors and other hospital staff members. However, these inju...

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Dangers of Distracted Driving


Many people consider themselves to be excellent drivers. They would never drink and drive or speed. Yet they allow themselves to perform simple acts while driving that fall under the heading of distracted driving and can easily result in traffic accidents that cause property damage, injury or death....

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Help Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Addiction is a battle that impacts millions of lives including the families of those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Knowing how to find help for a loved one who is struggling with addiction is essential to provide them with the ability to live a healthy and sober life. Get Educated About...

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How Financial Loss Can Affect Family Life


Money plays a big role in people's lives, whether they like to admit it or not. It is with money that you can purchase everyday items, live a comfortable life, and pursue various other dreams and goals. It is for this reason that financial loss will greatly affect not only you but your family life. ...

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What Should an American Do If Arrested on a Criminal Offence in Australia?


Have you ever thought about what would happen to you if you were arrested in another country while there on an American passport? When travelling to Australia from the United States, you should understand that the legal systems, although different in some regards, work similarly when it comes to cri...

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Steps For The Auto Loans From A Private Party

 Nowadays people run for their daily survivals and even they have some economical imbalance. The single men financial problem for their daily needs is based on the country's economic growth. People get a loan from some banks or to some private parties in order to balance their economic growth. ...

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Important Considerations Before Choosing A Lawyer To Represent You


There may come a time in your life when you find yourself at a crossroads or in a sticky situation that will require you to find and hire a lawyer. You should understand that they're not all the same and that it's worth doing your homework before choosing someone in particular to represent you. Be a...

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​What to Do if You're Bitten by a Dog


America is a nation of animal lovers, and it's estimated that there are around 80 million dogs in the United States. Most of those are friendly, loving pets kept under close control, but unfortunately there are instances when dogs attack other animals or even humans, and the results can be catastrop...

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Federal Rules of Evidence: What You Need to Know


The Federal Rules of Evidence were adopted by Congress in 1975 to govern the introduction of evidence in United States federal courts. The 11 articles in the Rules of Evidence apply to civil and criminal trials, and combine to provide clear, concise guidelines for jurors to reach a verdict. There ar...

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