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Fort Worth DUI Lawyer | What’s the Difference between a DUI and DWI?

When clients call our law firm to discuss intoxication offenses, they often use the words DUI and DWI interchangeably. However, these two offenses are not the same thing in Texas. A DUI is reserved solely for people under the age of 21, while a person of any age can be charged DWI as long as certain...

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What to Do If You Are Busted On A DUI Charge


It's not a scenario anyone wants to be in. But a driving under the influence charge is more common than you think. It could even happen to the most well-meaning drivers. Read below to learn about what you can do if you are arrested on a DUI charge in Canada or the U.S.: Understand Why You May Get Ch...

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What Should I Ask A Car Accident Attorney During A Free Consultation?

The first consultation with your attorney is your very first chance to discuss your case with a professional and get to know if you are a good team. Here is how you can make sure that you get the best out of this meeting. If you have considered hiring a personal injury attorney to fight for you with...

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What You Need to Know About Canada's Drug Impaired Driving Laws


 While impaired driving has been illegal in Canada since the early twentieth century, with the legalization of recreational cannabis, it is important for Canadians to understand how the legal system deals with offences related to driving under the influence of drugs. Perhaps more importantly, i...

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Legal Recourse for Drunk Driving Accident Victims


More than 10,000 people die every year due to drug and alcohol related accidents. Hundreds of thousands more people are injured every year in DUI accidents. Oftentimes, those injuries are life-changing and cause more pain than the victim had ever experienced. In many cases, survivors of DWI accident...

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The Facts on Marijuana and Its Societal Value

The Role of Marijuana in Society While it has long been considered an illegal drug that should only be used in the rarest of circumstances for medicinal purposes, marijuana is slowly becoming a popular drug of choice for Canadians. Our team at Toronto Defence Lawyers has completed significant resear...

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The Most Common DUI Defences

Getting pulled over for a DUI is not something that anyone should take lightly, with a criminal conviction and other hefty potential consequences at hand. Given recent advancements in the law concerning drinking and driving charges and the severity of the penalties served for these offences, a compe...

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DWI and Teens

Driving while intoxicated leads to thousands of deaths each year and may be the number one preventable cause of loss of life. Let us consider some of the facts about drunk driving in this blog.

*Annually there is an average of 40,000 highway deaths each year. Forty percent of these are attributable to drunk drivers. That means anywhere from 16,000 to 18,000 lives could possibly be saved if inebriated persons made the choice to find another way to their destination other than getting behind the wheel of their car when drunk.

*The latest ‘catch-phrase’ is ‘buzzed-driving’ and it’s more than just the subject for some fifteen second public service announcements. You see in many states a person is considered legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol content level registers 0.08 but there are certainly similar behaviors that occur when a person’s BAC is 0.05 (or lower), 0.06, and 0.07. These include diminished reaction times and increased bravado that leads to greater chance-taking.

*The level of intoxicated at which a teen is considered drunk is 0.02 in most states. This is interesting because the fact is that teen drinking is illegal.  That should mean that they should only register a 0.00. Now, while I realize this may be unrealistic in a country that courts youth with advertisements about the glamour of drinking – it behooves a parent to counter these messages – before they find their teen and/or themselves at the defense counter in a courtroom.

Drinking and driving is a bad combination. Teens need to know the real consequences of drunk driving accidents. There are folks such as Krystas Karing Angles that tour schools with wrecked vehicles to help educate young drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving. I urge you to support them.  

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