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Professional Mediation Specialists in Barrie

There are any number of legal services that a person might find themselves in need of at some point or another in their life. Even though courts and judges and lawyers carry a certain dread and uneasiness with them, perhaps for no other reason than TV courtroom and legal dramas, the fact is the vast majority of legal work that takes place is in the form of documentation, certification and negotiation?

One such example would be mediation, a specific service that involves working as a go-between, counselor, and negotiator (all wrapped into one) for two or more parties on opposite ends of a legal dispute. Here is how the process works:

Pre-Dispute Consultations

If you find yourself increasingly at odds with a neighbor, business partner, ex or separated spouse, or anyone else regarding any matter, it would be wise to visit a local Barrie legal practitioner that possesses this skill-set.

Negotiation and Compromise vs. Litigation

The simplest and most direct way of explaining the situation to you from a purely legal aspect is that you basically have two main options of where this situation could go, if you are not able to resolve your problems on your own.

These two avenues are a cordial and respectful back and forth discussion, and if it's so bad that they can't share a room, the mediation service expert can act as a "middle-man" to move the discussion and dialog forward without involving heated emotions. The alternative is litigation which usually involves one or all parties suing each other, and nobody wants that. 

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Friday, 25 September 2020
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