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Disabled veterans benefit entitlements: Explained

disability Disabled Veterans Benefits

Applying for disability benefits as a veteran can be a confusing and, sometimes, a disheartening process. It is a complex system that often results in incorrect ratings and rejections of applications. It can also be unclear as to what veterans are entitled to as well so it can often be beneficial to have a VA disability compensation chart explained.

Step one: Applying for disabled veterans benefits

Any military veteran who has suffered from injury or disease relating to their time spent serving their country is entitled to tax-free benefits. Their payment will be based on just exactly how severe their disability is classed to be based on the evidence given.

The VA rates disability from 10% to 100%, moving in 10% increments. If the veteran suffers from more than one condition, however, the scores for each of these will not simply be added together, but will instead be assessed by a combined ratings table.

Step two: How much will veterans receive and what influences this decision

A veteran's compensation is awarded based on not just the rating of their disability; but also on whether or not they have any dependents - and, if so, exactly how many; whether they require support from the likes of a nurse's aid for daily tasks; whether you have suffered the loss of any limbs; and whether their spouse is also disabled as well.

These are just a few of the contributing factors, and the aforementioned VA disability compensation chart goes further into breaking it all down into exactly which factors equate to finance.

Aside from benefits, there are also some grants which veterans may be entitled to, depending on the nature of their situation. For example, if they require some adaptations to their home, they can receive financial support towards this.

There is also some help provided for those who require a temporary residence, help towards buying a car and clothing allowance if their condition causes them to need assistance with certain garments.

Step three: Getting the best advice to get success

Many veterans applying for compensation have heard the stories about rejections and incorrect ratings and are fearful of even the first step of applying. For others, they may have had their application rejected and don't know where to turn in terms of taking the next steps.

It is always a wise decision, however, to seek the advice of a legal expert who sees these claims daily. They will be in the best position to offer guidance in how best to approach your claim and gather the evidence necessary to prove your entitlement to compensation. They might even identify other benefits and grants you could be entitled to. 

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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