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Bank Jugging: The Crime Explained

Over the past several years, a crime trend called "bank jugging" or "jugging" has grown in popularity in Texas. Jugging occurs when a suspect watches a bank or high-end store and then follows a customer after they leave to steal their money or valuables. Law enforcement has been warning the public a...

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What Is The Difference Between Business Law And Commercial Law?

Law-Updates Difference Between Business Law And Commercial Law

If you are looking to hire a lawyer for your business, it is essential to hire one who can adequately meet your business needs. Business law and commercial law are two fields of legal practice with many overlapping areas. Usually, an attorney who practices one of the two will also be proficient at t...

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How to Launch a Lawsuit Against Your Broker


How to Launch a Lawsuit Against Your Brokerling suit against your broker may be your last alternative and the least desired outcome but it is necessary in situations where fraud or gross misconduct is suspected. When investors believe that their portfolios have been mishandled, they need to use ever...

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 HOW DOES BUSINESS DEBT HELP ME QUALIFY FOR CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY? Many small businesses close within the first 18 months after opening. It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. Fifty percent of new businesses fail after the first four year...

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5 Things To Do To Start Your Business Legally


More and more people are choosing to create and run their own businesses, and that's exciting. Yet building a startup will give you a lot to think about, and it is easy to forget a small but hugely important aspect of the legalities of running a business. This post will give you an overview of some ...

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7 Finance Tips For Your Startup

Startups need to manage finance carefully and really need to keep a check on their books. So, what do you need to know in terms of finances if you're part of a new startup - here are seven tips. 1) Managing Cash Flow Is Crucial: The majority of startups wind up failing for various reasons, but one t...

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Get Covered and Save Money on Commercial Insurance

One of the primary reasons to go into business is to turn a profit. That doesn't necessarily mean making more money. You can also increase your company's profitability by cutting back on your expenses. One way to do just that is by finding ways to save money on commercial insurance. Granted, you sti...

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Fee-Based vs Commission Based Legal Jargon Matters


Financial service providers should work in the best interest of their clients, but a small misunderstanding of your provider's language can lead to a profound legal difference. The difference can have a major consequence in how the financial planner works for you. Commission-Based When you work with...

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Best ways to keep to budget with your new business

 Keeping on top of your finances and sticking to a set budget is one of the most important things new businesses will have to do. For most start-ups, money is tight, so accounting for every penny is an absolute necessity. No matter what industry you're in, a strict and well thought out budget w...

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Why should you train your employees?

 Training your employees is ultimately good for your business. Not only can it improve performance and staff morale, investing in the development of employee's increases profit. The best part is, you get to choose what skills you want you workforce to gain by identifying the needs of your busin...

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What Classifies As Disablement & How Does This Impact Your Work?

 With the amount of help available for disabled people, it can be difficult to work out just what counts as being disabled and whether you're entitled to any extra help. Whether you suffer from poor mental health, or are at the point of needing mobility scooters, the spectrum of what counts as ...

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How Will The Probate Attorney Help You?

Probate attorneys are state licensed professionals that know all law aspects related to estate executors or beneficiaries when surrounding deceased people. This professional is sometimes known as estate attorney. He/she will be responsible for personal representatives handling through probate proces...

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Putting Your Desire to Help Others to Practice With Business Law

Many people feel that they were born to do something important with their lives. While there is popular assumption that lawyers are only trying to chase good money, that is an unfair stereotype. A large amount of the population of lawyers in the world began their careers because they wanted to fight...

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How forensic accounting is helping to beat the fraudsters

We live in a world where business finances are often tight. We also live in a world where the growth of technology has made financial fraud a popular activity. This means that many businesses can be left struggling to survive if they become a victim of fraud. It's not just a problem that affects sma...

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Why Payday Loans Are Illegal In Some States

Up until about five years ago, you could find a payday loan establishment on every street corner. These quick fix alternatives help those who are caught in a financial pinch in-between paychecks. The concept is novel, but the problem is that most people get one loan to pay back another. Soon, they h...

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Credit card debt: know your rights


There can be no doubt credit cards are a popular way to pay and keep track of consumer purchases. What some people fail to realize soon enough is that carrying a balance on a credit card is exactly the same thing as borrowing money. The difference between credit card debt and a loan is that loans ge...

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Tax Deductions: Legal Pitfalls to Avoid

Most of us grow cold when the taxman comes calling. The feeling gets worse especially when you have to deal with a high tax bill or a tax audit. Simply put, most of us are never prepared for the tax season even if we have been through it so many times and came out without a scratch or even if we hav...

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