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  3. Friday, 03 August 2018
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"Hello, my name is Matthew. I'm working as a Life skill counsellor
in Toronto.

Last year I had an accident and I have been suffering from muscle death in my left thigh. After that, I have been using Vicodin for the severe pain.

One day a police officer stopped me for overspeeding. I shouted to him because I wasn't overspeeding and I messed up everything. He arrested me and found Vicodin from my jacket. I told that it's for my thigh pain but he didn't believe. He asked me the prescription. Which I don't have. So he charged me with substance misuse and overspeeding.

I didn't give a damn about it at that time. But now I heard about a new treatment for muscle death in the US. I applied for it and they selected me for the treatment. The treatment program will start in 4 months.

So I need a US Waiver now. I searched on the web and found a law firm that provides US waiver and pardons for Canadian citizens. I'm thinking about visiting them. What do you guys think? If you have any better options or ideas please suggest it. "
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