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What Does a DUI Lawyer Do?


Most people often assume that having a DUI charge means going to court. But what they don't realize is that anything that comes with hefty fines or a risk of jail time is anything but straightforward. It also means putting your driving ability, freedom, and bank account at risk. Rather than make these risks your reality, why not hire a DUI lawyer from Leppard Law?

A DUI lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in representing clients charged with a DUI. With a DUI attorney, you improve your chances of a favorable outcome. So, what exactly does a DUI lawyer do to help boost your chances of a favorable outcome? Let's find out!

The Role of a DUI Lawyer

DUI lawyers help their clients in the following ways:

Assess Your Case

The outcome of your case largely depends on the facts of your case. However, there are times when those facts aren't as clear as they should be, especially for someone unfamiliar with the law. A DUI attorney can help you understand your DUI case specifics.

Your lawyer does so by collecting all the necessary information for your case. Your attorney may require information from witness statements, your legal blood alcohol limit, car details, and insurance and situational information. Based on this information, your attorney can assess your case and build a suitable defense.

Keeping Up with the Legal Filing Deadlines

Failing to file requests for legal motions and certain evidence of police misconduct promptly tends to always result in a defendant's inability to make the necessary requests. Your DUI attorney will help you get all the required paperwork filed in time, which, in turn, guarantees that your options aren't limited.

Offering You Legal Advice

Aside from handling the legal aspects of your case, your DUI attorney can also offer you legal advice whenever necessary. For instance, your lawyer can tell you when it's the right time to remain silent. They can also advise you on whether taking the stand is excellent for your case or if it will end up disastrous.

They Walk You Through the Entire Legal Process

Most people often assume that the legal process starts and ends with appearing in court. There's far more to the legal process than simply appearing in court. Navigating through this entire process can be challenging for professionals and non-experts alike. But you would rather hire someone familiar with the legal system to help you navigate it than do it yourself.

Here's a general overview of how a DUI lawyer helps you navigate each stage of the legal process.

Initial Consultation: The first step of this process is the initial consultation. Your DUI lawyer will first meet up with you to discuss the details of your case. They will also evaluate the weakness and strengths of the prosecution's case. Based on the details you provide, your attorney will explain the potential outcomes of your DUI case, the legal process, and your rights.

Bail Hearing: For clients already in custody, a DUI attorney will help you get released before your trial. They will help you navigate the bail hearing by arguing for a reasonable bail amount.

Negotiating with Prosecutors: Every lawyer, including a DUI attorney, has several years of experience working with prosecutors. This experience makes it possible for your attorney to find an alternative to hefty fines or jail time, especially if the prosecution has a strong case. They can help negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. With a plea deal, you can lessen the burden of being convicted of a DUI charge.

Trial: If you choose to go to trial or a plea bargain can't be reached, your DUI lawyer will help represent you in court. They will help prepare the appropriate defense. Your lawyer will also challenge evidence, call witnesses, and make arguments to the jury or judge.

Sentencing: If you are found guilty, your DUI lawyer will help you mitigate the sentence by arguing for reduced fines, probation, or a different alternative form of punishment.

Appeal: If the trial's outcome isn't what you desired, the law allows you to appeal. Your DUI lawyer will handle the entire appeal process for you. This process not only involves legal representation; it also involves drafting legal briefs.

They Know the Local Courts

Almost all experienced DUI lawyers know their local courts incredibly well. Your attorney can leverage this knowledge to help you feel comfortable facing hearings and procedures. Knowing the courts also allows them to have experience with the court rules and judges, which may prove invaluable for your case.

Now that you know the role of a DUI lawyer, let's look at when to hire one.

When to Hire a DUI Attorney?

You should hire a DUI attorney:

Immediately after your arrest: After being arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it's important to ensure you know your legal rights. You also need to know the steps to take after your arrest. During your arrest, you may not be in the right state of mind to fully understand your rights. Having a DUI lawyer present can help ensure your rights are met the entire time of your arrest.

You also get to know what steps to take to ensure you get a favorable outcome at the end of the day.

If You have a Prior DUI Conviction: DUI is a serious offense that often leads to jail time or hefty fines. Now imagine what would happen if you were convicted of a DUI offense for the second time. The result may be having your license revoked, an increase in jail time, and an exuberant fine. Rather than risk the consequences, why not hire a DUI lawyer immediately?

With a DUI lawyer, you can understand the possible consequences of your second DUI arrest. You also get the right help and legal advice working towards a positive outcome.

So, if you or your loved one is charged with Driving under the influence, ensure you contact a DUI lawyer immediately. Remember, the longer you try to work out the legal aspects of your DUI yourself, the worse it may get. But with a DUI lawyer, you increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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