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Do Worker Safety Incentive Programs Encourage Workers Not to Report Injuries?


Worker safety programs help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. To encourage employees to follow safety protocols, many companies implement incentive programs. But can these programs have the opposite effect? The Problem with Incentive Programs Employers typically implement safety incen...

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How Damages Are Assessed From A Car Accident


Injuries suffered in a car accident can often go be slight or extensive physical injuries, and extend to mental or psychological injuries that can last as long or much longer. Further, the circumstances leading to the injuries, can vary from irresponsible to accidental to intentional. Therefore, cal...

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Tips To Negotiate Personal Injury Claims Without The Help Of Attorneys


Handling minor personal injury claims or car accident implications is not that difficult to do. You will not have to hire attorneys to get representation. That is because whenever faced with relatively minor injuries, it is economical to simply negotiate the settlement yourself, without having to pa...

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5 Common Car Accident Injuries

When you become a victim of a car accident, it's likely that you will suffer from a few injuries. Some of those injuries can be long-lasting. Here's a look at some of the more common car accident injuries. If you were in an accident and suffer from one of these injuries, you may be eligible for comp...

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Personal Injury Lawyers in New York


Personal injuries are defines as any kind of physical, mental, or emotional damage sustained from an accident through no fault of the victim's own. Many types of personal injuries exist and occur, including: road traffic accidents, work accidents, slip, trip, and fall accidents, medical negligence c...

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