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Claiming Compensation Because of a Faulty Product


When manufacturers produce goods, they're required to adhere to strict health and safety legislation. These laws and regulations are designed to ensure that every product made is safe to be sold for its intended purpose. Similarly, any imported goods must meet stringent consumer tests to ensure they're safe.

Sadly, the regulations designed to protect us don't always prevent people from getting hurt. When a defective product does make it to the market, there is a chance that someone could be seriously injured or become unwell. When this happens, it may be possible to take legal action against the person or company responsible.

Are You Eligible to Make a Claim?

Buying a product and later realizing that it's faulty can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn't automatically entitle you to compensation. However, if you've been injured or suffered an illness because of it, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Critically, you'll need to be able to show that your injuries or illness were caused by the defective product, as opposed to something else.

Is It Easy to Make a Compensation Claim?

Making a compensation claim because of a faulty product injury can be difficult, unless you have the right legal support. Compiling evidence and presenting your claim in accordance with procedural regulations is tricky for someone with limited legal experience, for example.

Furthermore, faulty product compensation claims are typically made against companies and manufacturers. As these firms often have entire legal teams and unlimited legal resources, it can be challenging to make a successful claim against them.

However, this shouldn't put you off exercising your legal rights. By seeking help from experienced lawyers, such as Richard Harris personal injury attorneys Las Vegas, you can access the assistance you need. With specialist attorneys working on your behalf, you can focus on recovering from your injuries or illness while they deal with getting you the compensation you deserve.

How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

Every compensation claim is different, so there is no set amount that you should expect to receive. Typically, the amount of compensation you'll receive will depend on how serious your illness is or how severe your injuries are. If a traumatic brain injury means you'll require lifelong care, for example, you are likely to receive a higher amount of compensation than if you sustained a temporary laceration or broken rib.

However, it isn't just the severity of your illness and injury that determines how much compensation you're awarded; generally, the financial impact of the incident is taken into account too. If you've been unable to work while you were ill or injured, for example, this could be reflected in the amount of compensation you're awarded.

If you've been injured or have become unwell and you believe a faulty product is to blame, it's well worth seeking legal advice. By talking to an experienced personal injury attorney, you can find out if you're eligible to take action and, if so, how much your claim could be worth. 

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