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When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?


Many people seek medical treatments for injuries in hospitals throughout the country every year. Some of these are serious injuries like broken bones, burns, severe cuts, or even life-threatening injuries like brain damage or spinal cord injuries. The most common causes for these injuries include:

  • Motorcycle, truck, or car accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Getting struck by a heavy object
  • Dog bites
  • Mistakes by doctors and nurses
  • Defective or potentially dangerous products

Most of the injuries mentioned above will more often than not occur due to another person's ignorance or negligence and can be prevented.

When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

While you are dealing with your serious injury, you may not realize that you can seek compensation for the damages caused. However, personal injury law can be tricky, and dealing with the opposite party's insurance companies is not easy. This is where seeking legal help and hiring a personal injury lawyer can be extremely beneficial. Many people are very hesitant to hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident. If you were involved in a minor accident and didn't have any major injuries, you may be able to handle the situation on your own. But this may not be the case with severe accidents. You may also require assistance in dealing with the other party's insurance company. You should also know what your legal rights are so that you can make well-informed decisions.

Many accident victims may also not be aware of the claims process and can feel lost about what to do. A good personal injury lawyer can give you information about your claim's value and protect you from the opposite party's insurance agents. The sooner you hire a personal injury attorney after a serious accident, the better. Not having any kind of legal help after the accident can cost you a lot of time and money. Let us take a look at situations when you should hire a personal injury lawyer:

Dealing with Insurance Agents

If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and has sustained serious injuries, then you will have to deal with the responsible person's insurance agent. The insurance company representative will contact you to discuss the settlement. While you will want to get the best possible compensation, the insurance agent's only motive will be to ensure the lowest settlement possible. Hence, the agent will offer a meager settlement. Having a good personal injury attorney by your side during these discussions can be very helpful. Your personal injury lawyer can make sure you get the compensation you deserve. He/she will also ensure all your medical bills and property damage claims are paid promptly.

When Your Injuries Are Because of A Medical Malpractice or By Defective Products

In some cases, your injuries may have been caused because of medical malpractice or because of the use of defective products. You will have to deal with the opposite party's aggressive legal teams who can defend their clients and intimidate you in such situations. Their only goal is to prove that their client is innocent. As such, they will never agree that their client was at fault. In fact, the legal teams can even try to dispute your credibility and stop you from getting information related to your case. They will also try to use legal proceedings to delay the settlement. Having a good personal injury lawyer by your side who can deal with the opposite party's legal teams can benefit your case a great deal. The experienced personal injury lawyer can defend your interests and ensure you get the compensation.

When Accident Investigations Are Not Done Properly

A detailed and thorough accident investigation is crucial after an accident. This investigation can prove how the injuries were caused and who was really responsible for the accident. Most of the time, the police and the insurance companies will try to save time and not conduct a thorough investigation. An experienced personal injury attorney and his team can conduct a separate detailed investigation to get as many details of the accident as possible. They can reconstruct the entire accident to determine who was at fault. They can even subpoena witnesses, get surveillance footage, and obtain hidden evidence that can help build a strong case in your favor.

If You Suffer Permanent Disabilities

It is critical to hire a personal injury lawyer if you suffer from severe injuries that can lead to permanent disabilities. If the permanent disabilities are caused because of someone else's fault, then any compensation you get should also include future medical care and potential income that you have lost. While most insurance companies will compensate you for your current treatment and situation, they will not factor in future expenses and lost income. This is where a good personal injury attorney can make a difference. An attorney can handle the insurance agency and ensure you are compensated for the future as well. If it comes to that, the lawyer will also file a personal injury lawsuit to ensure justice is served.

If The Statute of Limitations Is Running Out In Your Case

An accident investigation, identifying who is responsible for the accident, and negotiations with the insurance company can take up a lot of time. In some cases, you may not even realize when your statute of limitations runs out. A personal injury lawyer will have the experience to handle such cases in short periods and will make sure your case is resolved within the statute of limitations.

Accidents and injuries are traumatic and handling legal cases while getting treated for the injury can be stressful and frustrating. Having a good personal injury lawyer like the lawyers from The JLF Firm can help you deal with your situation with ease. We have years of experience handling personal injury cases and have got clients the compensation they desire. We also offer you a No Win, No Fee Guarantee. Contact us for a free consultation today! 

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