What Should I Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer?


If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury accident, whether a slip and fall accident, car accident, dog bite cases, construction accidents or others, you are probably aware of the role of a personal injury lawyer in helping you to position your case for a better outcome.

While you know the role of an accident lawyer, you should also be aware that choosing the right one can significantly improve your overall experience.

When it comes to a personal injury case, or any legal case at all, choosing dog bite lawyers simply because they have a license to practice is one of the worst decisions to make. A license to practice is one of the fundamental factors to be considered but should be considered in line with other factors to ensure that you enjoy a truly remarkable legal experience.

If you are at crossroads regarding how to choose your personal injury lawyer as well as what to look for in them, below is a list of some of the important properties to pay attention to.


One of the most important factors to consider as a personal injury victim who is seeking justice is the experience of your potential personal injury lawyer.

The more years of experience the personal injury lawyer has, the greater the chances that they may have handled all kinds of cases that are similar to yours thus giving them an insight into how to properly position your case for a win.

A lawyer with years of experience will also have built a network over those years and this can come in handy at all stages from the investigative stage to the trial process if the need arises.

When choosing a lawyer based on their experience, be sure that the experience is in line with the relevant field where you need their help.


The most successful lawyers are the ones who have results to show for the legal services that they offer. While some people may argue that a lawyer with 1,000 cases handled is successful, it matters more to inquire into the case results to know how many of the cases handled were won and how many were lost.

Before you settle down to choose a personal injury lawyer, be sure to consider their case results. A lawyer that has handled fewer cases but won more may be argued to be more successful compared to another that has handled thousands of cases and has won only a fraction of that number.

Always remember that not all personal injury lawyers are equal, that being said, consider their results and how they can affect the outcome of your case.

Fee structure

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, you need to consider their fee structure as well as how flexible the structure is in relation to your financial capabilities.

As a personal injury victim, the chances that your finances have been upset by the accident injuries and medical bills are high, you do not want to hire an attorney that is demanding a huge upfront cost as a legal fee before representing you.

Some attorneys offer a contingency fee service which is also known as a no-win, no-fee service. in such a setting as this, the accident lawyer only gets paid a fraction of the amount won as compensation and doesn't get paid if the compensation was denied.

Reviews are important

As part of your search for a good personal injury lawyer to represent you against insurance companies, be sure to never overlook the reviews of each of the attorneys. Reviews that are left by past clients can help you to better understand what it'll be like if you hire the attorney to represent you.

Some past clients may complain that the attorney does not have time to handle their case, has passed their case to a junior lawyer, or lacks proper communication skills. All of these are essential towards achieving the ultimate goal and should be used to screen out attorneys to prevent a negative experience.

A team of professionals

"Two good heads are better than one." When it comes to the legal world, you should know that having the backing of a team of professionals can push your case further than you ever imagined. While hiring a sole practice attorney is not a bad idea, you can rest assured that hiring a team offers you much more advantages as you get to enjoy a pool of experience and contributions.

Also, hiring a team of lawyers takes the pressure off you and ensures that they can handle all of the areas required to make your case a success.


In any relationship, communication is key. When it comes to your personal injury claims case, you should know that communication between you and your attorney is essential towards driving your case forward.

Be sure to confirm the availability of your attorney. Hiring an attorney that has a little too much on their plate may mean that your case will get little attention and this may harm your chances of winning the deserved amount in compensation.

As part of the selection process, ask about the lawyer or law firm's availability, preferred means of communication, as well as average response time. You want to make sure that you can reach out to the attorney handling your case for information at any time without having to wait for days to get a reply.

They understand you and have invested interest in your case

Your attorney should understand that although he or she has handled several similar cases in the past, yours is unique. In addition to this, the attorney you choose must have a vested interest in the outcome of your personal injury claims case.

Choosing an attorney that lacks interest in your claims case may mean that they will show less enthusiasm and willingness to fight the status quo on your behalf. 

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