How to Recover After an Accident


No matter how many precautions you take in life, at times, accidents happen. It could be as a result of a mistake you made or the fault of someone else, but either way it can take a toll on your personal health and those around you. Depending on the extent of your injury, there are several steps that you have to take in order to recover and get bac...

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How to Go About Personal Injury Claims For Disablement at Work


‚ÄčIf you've had an accident at work that has led to you becoming disabled, it can be extremely frustrating. With your world having been turned upside down, you are well within your right to make a Personal Injury Claim against your workplace if you feel the accident was due to your employer's negligence. Whether you need the money for the cost of di...

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Bicyclist Accidents: Understanding Duty of Care and Contributory Fault

Bicycle accidents can be deadly when the bicyclist is hit by an automobile. Negligence will play a role in the accident, and this negligence will result in the bicyclist's injuries. The rider may be at fault for the accident, but in many cases, the bicyclist was the victim. You can file a personal injury claim when a car-bicycle accident occurs. Pe...

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What Happens When a Driver Leaves the Scene of an Accident in Tennessee?

Two cars collide in an accident on the highway. One driver takes off, and the other driver, unable to get his car started, is stranded on the side of the road. He makes a police report of the accident, but the other driver is nowhere to be found. What happens next? Does the stranded driver have any legal recourse? Leaving the Scene of an Accident i...

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What to Do After an Accident in California

California's busy highways make it a state with 3,104 people killed and 223,128 people injured in traffic collisions in 2013. Whether you're a driver that causes an accident or a passenger involved in an accident that you had no fault in, you need to follow the appropriate steps to protect your rights after an accident. The steps you'll want to take immediately following an accident, include: Call 911 to report the accident, or call the local police if no injuries are apparent.Obtain the name, number and address of all witnesses and drivers involved. Obtain license plate numbers for all vehicles involved in the accident.If safe and there aren't further concerns of injury, take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident. You'll want to take photos of the accident scene, roadway and anything else of importance following the accident.Write down the events that led to the accident in detail and reiterate...

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Trucking Accidents: Legal Complexities to Consider

Trucking accidents, when they involve big rigs, are more complex and deadly than a simple car accident. The number of individuals involved in the accident adds to the complexity even if it's just you and the opposing truck driver, When a truck accident occurs, the parties responsible can include a number of people, including: The driverThe truck's ownerThe employing companyManufacturersShippers or loaders Complexity leads to lengthy, costly legal battles. If you're in an accident, you may have numerous parties that are held responsible for the accident. Manufacturers, Shippers and Loaders Not only will the driver, owner and employer be potentially responsible for the accident, but manufacturers, shippers and loaders may also be involved. An investigation into the cause of the crash will need to be completed. There are times when these parties may be held responsible: Manufacturers are responsible if there was a defect in the truck or equipment that led...

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