Why You Need To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Thousands of people all over the world have motorcycles. There are lots of benefits to riding a motorcycle. People love the freedom they bring and the ease they can give you in getting around quickly and efficiently, particularly on a work commute. Although they are an efficient way of getting around, you have to be aware of the potential risk of a...

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What You Should Do If You or a Pedestrian are Hit by a Vehicle


There is nothing quite like getting outdoors and going for a leisurely stroll. Whether you live in a small village, town or bustling city, many people choose to ditch their car in favor of walking to get from A to B. While walking has tons of benefits, we often forget that going for a simple stroll can be just as dangerous as driving a car. No matt...

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Driving long distance? Stay safe on the road and avoid a lawsuit with these 5 driving tips

Long Distance Driving

When you're driving long distance, either to visit relatives, for a holiday or for work the idea of falling asleep at the wheel is a terrifying one. The last thing anyone wants is to find out that they're responsible for a car accident due to their own negligence – if you're looking for a Beaumont car accident attorney, click the link – you'd face ...

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How to Determine the Value and Worth of Your Car Accident


Putting a dollar value for all the injuries, car damages, and other painful losses you have suffered after a car accident is not easy to do. Rosengard Law Group noted that there is no precise mathematical formula to compute the monetary value of your loss, but there are several crucial factors that both your lawyer and car insurance companies will ...

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How Does Insurance Affect a Car Accident Case?


You may be having trouble understanding the impact of an accident on your car insurance premium. This information discusses some of the ways your premium could increase or decrease. It also talks about the best course of action to take during collisions. There are plenty of reasons for you to not involve in an auto accident. One of those reasons is...

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Can I Sue Uber or Lyft After a Car Accident?


 The popular ride-sharing apps, Uber and Lyft, have created the modern taxi with the millions of subscribed drivers. These independent contracts between programs and drivers leave a few discrepancies when it comes to getting in an accident.  Prescribing a fault is very detailed oriented, with the drive settings of the Uber and Lyft driver...

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