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Shooting for Safer Garbage Trucks

Swedish waste management company Renova is working with Volvo Trucks to create the very first autonomous garbage truck.

It's part of an effort to make garbage collection safer and more efficient. Removing human error from the equation could help keep other drivers and pedestrians safe from garbage truck accidents.

How the New Garbage Truck Works

The new autonomous garbage truck has the ability to monitor its surroundings so it can react to any situation—from children running into the streets to cars parked on the side of the road. The vehicle is also able to reverse itself at any stop along the way, as well as maneuver around vehicles that may be parked in the area where it is collecting.

The truck is built with a GPS system so a route can be set and the truck will know every stop it needs to make.

The driver of the new garbage vehicle does not need to constantly climb in and out of the truck during the route. With just the push of a button, the lift will pick up the garbage bins and dump them into the truck so the drivers don't have to worry about lifting heavy objects and causing injury to themselves.

What's Next for Autonomous Garbage Trucks?

There will likely be some glitches that have to be worked out. However, if this new technology works out the way that the creators hope it will, these trucks could find their way into cities around the world.

That could make the job of collecting garbage much safer for the drivers and everyone else on the road.

In the Meantime, Let a Salt Lake City Lawyer Fight for You

Completely error-free autonomous vehicles may be a part of the future, but they aren't here yet. Accidents still happen, and people are injured every day.

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