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Repetitive Stress Injuries and Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Many workers suffer immediate injuries due to a car accident, a fall, an exposure to dangerous chemicals, or for other reasons. Workers can also suffer injuries that take time to develop, such as overuse and repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress and overuse injuries are fairly common types of workplace injuries. They normally affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints in your back or extremities. Injured workers need experienced workers' compensation lawyers on their side.

Some of the common types of work conditions that can lead to repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Employees who use computers and keyboards hours a day for weeks, months, and years
  • Assembly line workers, carpenters, drivers, and others who stay in one spot for lengthy periods
  • Nurses and other health care workers who constantly have top bend over and lift patients or heavy objects
  • Construction workers who use jackhammers and other vibrating tools
  • Store clerks who scan items for barcodes all day long

Common types of repetitive stress injuries

Many overuse injuries are due to some form of inflammation. Most repetitive stress injuries fall into the following categories:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: This condition is caused by a compression of the medial nerve which runs through the wrist. Workers feel pain, tingling, and numbness in the thumb and several fingers. The pain can extend into the arm. Workers may lose the ability to grip items.
  • Bursitis. A bursa is a sack which contains synovial fluids. People have numerous bursae in their body. When inflammation of the bursa occurs, the fluid which helps create a frictionless movement doesn't work well. Bursitis makes movement of the joints, muscles, tendons, and even the bones painful.
  • Chronic low pack pain. Many workers develop low back due to constant lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying motions. When back pain lasts for more than several months, the pain is termed "chronic," instead of "acute." Many workers with chronic back pain need to treat with pain management doctors. Some workers may need steroid injections.
  • Tendonitis. The tendons connect the bones and muscles. When tendons in the fingers, toes, hands, feet, and other body parts are overused, the tendons can become inflamed – which can cause a lot of pain.

The problem with repetitive stress injuries – as opposed to, for example, a broken leg – is that even with treatment, they are impossible to fully cure. If your job requires you to perform certain actions or movements over and over again, your chances of permanently injuring yourself could be increased. While not every RSI will lead to excruciating pain or disability, you could still end up with chronic discomfort, decreased mobility, and life-long treatment schedules.

Employees who suffer a workplace injury due to any type of workplace accident can claim workers' compensation benefits. Workers who suffer repetitive stress injuries, injuries which occur over time, need to work with experienced workers' compensation lawyers. The work injury lawyers at Cunningham & Mears, have been fighting for injured workers for a combined 50 years. For help now, please call our Oklahoma City office at 405.212.9234 or complete our contact form.

Meta description. Repetitive stress and overuse injuries are very common workplace injuries. For help with any workers' compensation case, call Cunningham & Mears in Oklahoma City today. 

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