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How to safely commute - a cyclist’s guide

It may be a challenge for a cyclist to survive on the road when commuting daily, especially if you live in a big city with busy traffic. In order to avoid a hazardous and potentially fatal bicycle accident a few steps can be followed.

Firstly, remember that the cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles are bigger than you. They are aware of this, too, and may try to abuse it, in which case, as much as you would want to stand your ground, it is better to give way to them.

Secondly, planning your route beforehand may be a good idea, so that you try to avoid the busiest streets and reduce the  risk of an accident.

Thirdly, always give signals, so that other drivers know what you intend to do next. Any sudden moves and turns may lead to an accident. Also, be careful when you have to break suddenly, shift your weight back and put more pressure on the rear breaks, so you reduce the risk of rolling over. Furthermore, be alert of what is happening on the road, be aware of cars suddenly pulling out of driveways and for drivers getting out of parallel parked cars and drivers suddenly opening the doors of their car.

In addition, always take good care of your bicycle, so that it is in good condition, wear  a helmet and avoid any distractions (such as listening to your Mp3 player on headphones).

If you or anyone in your family has suffered from any injuries in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you maybe entitled to compensation. Please do not hesitate to contact Thompsons No Win No Fee specialists who will advise you on your first steps to receiving the compensation that you deserve.

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Monday, 12 April 2021
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