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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Florida

criminal law solicitors

Crimes take many forms. Someone may commit a minor crime such as a single instance of tax fraud. Another person might commit a more serious crime such as kidnapping or robbery. Under the constitution, all Americans are entitled to legal representation if they accused of any kind of criminal wrongdoing. For many people, the best course of action under those circumstances is to hire a criminal lawyer tampa florida. Doing so has many advantages. Lawyers offer the kind of legal advice that people need to form a defense that is valid under law. A lawyer can also help with other aspects of the defense. They can find witnesses, locate evidence in the defendant's favor and help argue in favor of a reduced sentence if the person is convicted.

Creating a Defense

The act of being charged with a crime can feel quite scary. A person may not be expecting charges of any kind. The lawyer can help them through this process. They can examine all possible areas of defense. For example, the person accused may not have known they were engaging in a criminal act. A lawyer can help them prove this fact and indicate they did not intend to engage in any form of law breaking. The lawyer can also help them figure out how best to react if they are being confronted by law enforcement officials during actions such an unexpected search warrant.

Finding Evidence

A lawyer can also help by finding evidence in the person's favor. They can track down witnesses who can confirm the person's alibi and prove they were not there at that time. A lawyer can also help locate physical evidence that can show the client did not do the crime. They can also help by fighting evidence in court that may have been admitted in error and not allowed under local, state and national laws that govern the conduct of law enforcement officers.

Reduced Sentence

People can choose to plead guilty to a crime. They can also plead not guilty and take their case to court. If a person is convicted, a lawyer can also help during this process. A judge will need to pronounce a sentence. This can take many forms. There may be a fine as well as the possibility of jail or even prison time. The lawyer can craft a defense that allows the defendant to put on their best face and show why they should be allowed a lesser sentence. They can bring out witnesses that will vouch for the person's prior good conduct and their devotion to behaving ethically. A lawyer can make sure the person's background is known to court officials.  

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