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Here's Why Lawyers and Law Firms Need Brand Recognition

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Here's Why Lawyers and Law Firms Need Brand Recognition

When searching for a lawyer or a law firm, we no longer grab our phone book, the newspaper, or attempt to find a shady lawyer's office throughout the town.

Nowadays, we simply make a Google search, read some reviews, and determine if that's the lawyer or law firm that we want to meet with. This process is usually completed in less than 30 minutes.

As such, it goes without saying why this type of business needs a law firm internet marketing, for starters, and then to build brand recognition as well!

The Idea of Branding

First of all, branding doesn't refer only to your visual expression as a service provider. The logo and the images associated with you are only part of the brand that makes people recognize you and your business.

Branding also refers to the idea and unique message that you want your customers/clients to resonate with. Naturally, this very aspect – when done right – makes you or your law firm stand out and be distinctive!

Building Up Brand Recognition

As mentioned, your brand is what people will use to recognize your business, your values, ideals, and message. Given this, it's clear that you must spend quite some time building your brand.

For this, you need people that understand what you do, how you want to do it, your objectives, your target audience, your market, and so on. If you want to brand yourself as a personal injury lawyer, you can't rely on internet marketing services designed for litigation lawyers!

Here's what building up brand recognition implies:

  • Positioning Your Brand on the Market – you must have a clear idea where you and your brand will stand within the market as this will let you know which marketing channels and strategies you should use.
  • Brand Redefinition – in many cases, brand recognition/awareness is built by redefining your old brand.
  • Research and Planning – naturally, you can't build a brand, strategy, or marketing plan without these two values.
  • Key Messaging – messaging is what will set your brand apart from any other lawyer or law firm.
  • Brand Voice – this will make your brand known to the world.
  • Logo Design – appealing visual design will make people want to interact with your brand without knowing much about it.

Obviously, you don't want to rule SEO out of this equation. Search Engine Optimization will make sure that your brand is introduced to new people. If you've done all of the above, people will have a good first impression of your brand and further interact with it.

That's how brand recognition/awareness is built!

Why Do You Need Brand Recognition?

Given the multiple aspects provided by brand recognition that help your business, it's clear why you need to work on it!

First, new lawyers and law firms pop up on the market every single year. Without proper brand awareness, you'll lose your business in the crowd and pretty much wait for clients to find you.

Brand awareness/recognition makes sure that clients find you quickly and that you always have work to do! Having a brand that resonates with your clients and community keeps your business alive!

The Bottom Line

In short, some bucks spent on online marketing and brand recognition will come in very handy in the future – even though you may think otherwise now.

While some people want to see instant results of their marketing efforts, a good lawyer/law firm will know that it takes time to build a reputation, even in the online environment.

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