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A number of consumers may have shared their sentiments already about being harassed by the collection agents of lending firms. Harassment, while it seems common, must not be considered normal. It can never be something that everyone will just accept as a natural phenomenon.

Let us first know what harassment by a debt collector means. This will ensure that we are on the same page as we talk about this topic.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, this can happen in different manners. It can be through the following forms:

  • receiving excessive phone calls from a debt collector with the goal of annoying, abusing or threatening you
  • use of abusive language when communicating with you
  • threatening you about a possible harm if you will not pay immediately
  • publishing your name to inform people that you do not want to pay your debt
  • contacting you without disclosing their identity

Some debt collectors are reportedly doing these things because of their desire to force you to pay right away. They feel that once you are annoyed or upset, you will finally settle your debt to completely avoid them. However, no matter how much you owe the company, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCA) provides that no harassment, oppression or abuse can ever be done against you. Therefore, you always have the right to file a case against them should you feel that your rights are violated.

Aside from harassment by a debt collector, you must be careful as well in identifying misrepresentations. As consumers, you have the right against this malpractice.

How should you know then that there is misrepresentation? What could be the things you should look for to validate that a misrepresentation has really been committed?

Among the most common things that debt collectors misrepresent are the following:

  • telling you that they are lawyers, but in reality, they are not
  • threatening you that you will be arrested for your debt, when in fact, there is no such order
  • giving you the incorrect amount of your loan or debt

A legal battle against harassment because of your debt can be exhausting. It is even possible that you will be affected mentally and emotionally because of the creditor handles debt collection. We, therefore, recommend that you ask for some legal advice if you think that the company has already gone overboard. It is your best move against harassment.

For more information about harassment by a debt collector, feel free to contact GM Law Firm at (877) 207-9561.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019
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