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Blog Posts Vs Directory Submisison for Law Sites

After testing 3 months of link building power of blog commenting Vs. directory submission, and, spending same time spent on each methods (blog commenting and directory submission), the results are clear : Blog commenting for your law sites is more effective than directory submission.

Lets clear some facts; Directory submission is not a waste of time, but if you can't do both for your law site, you should focus on blog commenting because it produces better results for the same investment. For both methods we used the best tools available to maximize efficiency.

After 3 months PageRank 1 was achieved for the law site which had links built from directories and PageRank3 for the site linked from blog comments. Why was that?

Observation 1 : 30% approvals were received in directories vs. 80% in blogs.
Why ? Because most directories (the free ones) are dead and no longer updated. We got some better results in the new launched directories but those back links don't have too much weight because those directories are new.

Since, you can select active blogs, with approved comments in the last 48 hours, 80%+ of your comments produced back links.

Observation 2 : Links from directories are 10+ per page Vs. Links from blog comments are fewer per page. If our link was approved in a directory it had always another 10 links on the same page.

But, because we were able to easily find blog pages with recent comments and fewer comments, we usually had our back link placed on a page with 3-4 out bound links.

Observation 3 : Directory categories are not very exact in describing your site topic. Most directories have general categories. With blogs it is another thing, you were able to find blogs on the same niche and comment on very relevant pages.

Conclusion : Blog commenting has better return of investment in all section : quantity of back links, link juice, relevant content. Our advice to all lawyers out there is to focus on blog writing and commenting. Directory submission is good and must be done but in decent limits. Focus on new directories, but focus more on the blogs to increase your online presence.

If you would like us to submit your blogs, Online WebsitePromotion.com can help promote your law site.

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Monday, 12 April 2021
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