4 Ways Freelance Lawyers Are Making Legal Services More Accessible

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Traditionally, a business was faced with two unappealing choices when it came to legal services: either pony up a lot of money to hire an in-house lawyer, or leave themselves without legal services all together. The former cuts deep into profits, while the latter opens a business up to potentially devastating legal problems. Until recently, those were your options. But nowadays things are changing, and, as with numerous other industries, legal services are modernizing by offering on-demand freelancing. Here are four ways that freelance lawyers are making legal services more accessible to businesses (and even legal firms!).

Flexible Contracts

Whereas before you had to hire an in-house legal representative, with freelance, on-demand lawyers you can choose the length of the contract and the hours. When you work with a legal outsourcing company for your legal needs, the time span is totally up to you, meaning that, if you only need legal expertise on one round of contracts, you just hire them for the duration of the assignment. The lawyer is there when you need them and only when you need them – they're not sitting on the payroll, forced to do make-work while they wait for their next project.

Cost-Saving Benefits

This ties in with the last point – when you hire legal services only when you need them, you save a lot of money. Add to that the fact that legal outsourcing companies often offer much better rates than in-house lawyers, and you've got a bona fide cost-saving measure. Of course, you could forego legal services altogether, but that's not a wise financial move, as it could open you up to legal battles, as well as weaken the soundness of the contracts you offer.

Big Databases To Choose From

Legal outsourcing companies in Canada – the best ones at least – boast big databases of lawyers and legal experts, meaning that you have a number of candidates to choose from, even if it's just for a small assignment. This also means that if you're dealing with some niche field of law, like intellectual property law, for instance, rather than settling for a catchall in-house lawyer, you can specifically choose a legal expert that specializes in IP law.

Help For Businesses& Firms

At the end of the day, the great benefit of freelance legal services is that it directs small legal concerns towards temporary help while freeing up time and resources at the top to tackle greater issues. Big law firms even use legal outsourcing companies so that their top legal talent can focus on larger projects. It also helps firms weather the unpredictability of business – they might have a slow month, followed by a fast month, and with legal outsourcing, they simply take on supplemental legal experts as needed.

Don't get stuck paying a fortune to keep an in-house lawyer, and definitely don't get stuck without any legal services. There is a middle ground, and it's cost-effective, flexible, targeted and efficient. Check out a legal outsourcing company in Canada to find the perfect legal solution. 

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Saturday, 23 March 2019
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