4 Signs of a Bad Divorce Lawyer


Divorce proceedings are already painful as they are, you don't want to make things worse by being represented by an incompetent divorce lawyer. Not to mention the impact it could have on your finances and the relationship you'll be able to have with your family from now on. Choosing the right divorce attorney is crucial if you want the proceedings to go as smoothly as possible and get a judgment that will be favorable for both parties. However, many only find out they hired the wrong lawyer when it's too late. Here are some of the signs that you should look for another divorce lawyer.

They're a Jack of All Trades

You want to work with firms that deal solely with family law if possible. Firms like M. Sue Wilson Law Offices, for instance, only deal with family law cases, and was founded by a lawyer that has been practicing family law for over four decades. These kinds of firms have seen every case under the sun and also had the time to build relationships with local judges and lawyers, which will give them an edge. So, make sure that you work with a team that is specialized and dedicated to family law, and not just as one of their specialties.

Communication is Difficult

The lawyer you choose should be easy to get in contact with and should also brief on your case on a regular basis. You should also feel comfortable asking questions, and they should not be dismissive or vague in their answers. If you never seem to be able to get in touch with them, or if they flat out refuse to answer you or ignore your calls, then you should start looking elsewhere.

You Come Out of Meetings Feeling Worse than you Did Coming In

Your lawyer isn't there for emotional support, but they shouldn't make you feel worse at the end of your meetings. They shouldn't be belittling some of the concerns you may have. You should also check their general disposition and if there's constant negativity. The two of you might just not be on the same page. You want someone who will be there to fight for you and be in your corner, so you have to make sure that you at least see eye to eye with them.

They Lack Knowledge in One Specific Area

Divorce cases vary greatly, and even if an attorney presents themselves as a divorce lawyer, they might not be familiar with things like high asset divorces, military divorces, or any other unusual divorce situations. This is why again it is essential to work with a team that practices only family law. Only they will have the in-house expertise, knowledge, and skills to deal with those types of cases.


Finding a good divorce lawyer is important for you and your family's future, so don't take it lightly. Explore your options, and make sure that you work with a lawyer or law firm that will be truly dedicated to helping you. 

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