What You Need in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a devastating experience. As well as the trauma of being arrested, interrogated, and potentially held in custody, you'll need to deal with the impact the charges may have on your personal and professional life. When you have a criminal record, it can affe...

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Probate Litigation - The Right Way to Do It!


Whether you are going through a probation litigation case or you just want to find out more about this topic, then this article is perfect for you. In the next paragraphs, you will find out more about what probation litigation is, what to expect when dealing with such a case, how probate litigation ...

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New Mexico and Crime – What Should an Attorney be Prepared For?


New Mexico comes with one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. According to recent statistics, there are roughly 8.6 violent incidents per one thousand people. Comparing this with the country's average – 3.7 – we could say that a New Mexico Criminal attorney has a lot of work to do! But ...

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How to Be a Better Lawyer: Some Helpful Tips & Tricks


It doesn't matter whether you're a fresh or a professional lawyer – you always need to be better. Why? Well, because staying at the same level for a very long time will make things very dull. However, the desire to be a better lawyer will keep feeding you with new information, experiences, and an ev...

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Los Angeles Disability Discrimination Accommodations

Legal Awards

Employers in California have a duty and legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. The law says they have to provide these accommodations unless it would cause the employer "undue hardship." A reasonable accommodation is a change to an employee's job dutie...

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Driver Safety in Winter Weather


Safe driving is a must regardless of your driving experience or the weather condition you're driving in. But doing so during wintertime can be more challenging and dangerous. Mishaps happen even when the weather is clear, and much more in winter when the road is wet and icy. Although hibernating and...

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Common Issues That Can Affect Your Child Custody Case


 It can be devastating when you are going through a divorce or legal separation with your lawful spouse. Divorces can be exhausting, both emotionally and mentally. In such a state, you are expected to make some of the most crucial decisions of your life as well. Amidst all this trouble, one of ...

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What to Do When the Insurance Company Denies Your Claim


Insurance companies are no different than any other business on the market. Their goal is to make a profit, and most of the time, they do whatever they can to secure it. And what better way to keep all this profit in their pocket than by denying your claim. But worry not, in this article, you will h...

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Truck Accidents: 5 Common Causes and How You Can Avoid Them


One of the many fears truck drivers share is being involved in an accident. Should one occur, not only can it cause major injuries to yourself and others, your truck can get damaged in the process, as well as insurance and legal issues that leave you off the road for the foreseeable future. While on...

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What Happens at a Personal Injury Consultation?


If you've been injured due to an incident that wasn't your fault, you may be eligible to claim compensation. To find out if you qualify to make a claim, you'll need to meet with a personal injury lawyer. For many people, the thought of taking legal action is nerve-wracking, particularly if you've ne...

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How to Handle a False Domestic Violence Accusation


False accusations of any kind can be harmful, but an inaccurate domestic violence accusation can be particularly damaging. Unless a false accusation is addressed appropriately, it could cause serious harm to your reputation, put your career at stake and result in you getting a criminal record. If yo...

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3 Common Workplace Injuries That Lead to Lawsuits


Workers' compensation laws shield lawyers from lawsuits by employees. Therefore, in most cases, employees can't file a lawsuit when injured at work. Workers' compensation covers the damages regardless of who was at fault. However, there are some instances when one can file a lawsuit to seek compensa...

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What To Do If You Have Been Falsely Arrested

Falsely Arrested

Nowadays, it's common to hear cases where law enforcement officials have arrested a person for all the wrong reasons. If you have been falsely arrested or unlawfully detained, you have a right to contest these actions. In fact, you can make charges against the perpetrators of the unreasonable detent...

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Why You Need To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Thousands of people all over the world have motorcycles. There are lots of benefits to riding a motorcycle. People love the freedom they bring and the ease they can give you in getting around quickly and efficiently, particularly on a work commute. Although they are an efficient way of getting aroun...

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Asbestosis and Mesothelioma: Who is at Risk and What Steps Can You Take?


Asbestosis and asbestos-induced lung cancers are far more common in the US than the diseases should be today. However, there is still the option to prevent these deadly diseases from afflicting at-risk individuals. In case it's too late to take preventive steps, legal options are there that can help...

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What to Do When Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian


Other than careless driving, pedestrian related accidents do happen as a result of adverse weather and poor road conditions, among other factors. Knowing the steps to take after an accident can save one's life and protect their rights. Below are some of the things you can do when hit by a car while ...

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Claiming Compensation Because of a Faulty Product


When manufacturers produce goods, they're required to adhere to strict health and safety legislation. These laws and regulations are designed to ensure that every product made is safe to be sold for its intended purpose. Similarly, any imported goods must meet stringent consumer tests to ensure they...

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Your Internet Defamation Questions Answered


The internet is evolving and with it, the proliferation of social media has given everyone somewhere they can publicly share ideas, thoughts, opinions and comments. While a lot of good has come from these social media platforms, a lot of negativity and the spreading of fake news and vitriol has beco...

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What Should Construction Workers Do to Stay Safe on the Job?


The construction industry is a vital one but it's also one of the most hazardous for people working within it. In private building projects in 2018 alone, approximately 955 workers lost their lives while working in the industry (a fifth of all fatalities across all industries). The most common cause...

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How Badly Can a DUI Affect Your Career?


Getting stopped for driving under the influence is often a major turning point in life. It's possible to receive a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on how you're represented. Certainly, it's something that you need to take seriously. This might be difficult to do if you enjoy going out on th...

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