What You Need in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a devastating experience. As well as the trauma of being arrested, interrogated, and potentially held in custody, you'll need to deal with the impact the charges may have on your personal and professional life. When you have a criminal record, it can affect your career in a variety of different ways. Dep...

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New Mexico and Crime – What Should an Attorney be Prepared For?


New Mexico comes with one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. According to recent statistics, there are roughly 8.6 violent incidents per one thousand people. Comparing this with the country's average – 3.7 – we could say that a New Mexico Criminal attorney has a lot of work to do! But what if you're a beginner attorney and plan to mov...

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How to Seal Criminal Records

Criminal Records

According to a study carried out by the Department of Justice and an article by the Wall Street Journal, there are more than 100 million criminal records tied to more than 77 million Americans, since a person can have multiple records in multiple jurisdictions. A criminal record is a collection of documents pertaining to an individual's criminal hi...

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What are Criminal Defence Solicitors and What do They do?


When it comes to solicitors, there are many different things that they deal with, such as claims for medical problems, injuries at work, crime offences and many more. Since there are so many different types of solicitors, it is important that you know exactly which one to go to depending on the problem you are having. If you are having trouble with...

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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Florida

criminal law solicitors

Crimes take many forms. Someone may commit a minor crime such as a single instance of tax fraud. Another person might commit a more serious crime such as kidnapping or robbery. Under the constitution, all Americans are entitled to legal representation if they accused of any kind of criminal wrongdoing. For many people, the best course of action und...

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Varghese Summersett Named One of Fort Worth's Fastest Growing Companies

​FORT WORTH – The law firm of Varghese Summersett has been listed as one of Fort Worth's Fastest Growing Companies by Fort Worth Inc. magazine. The law firm came in No. 6 on a list of 30 companies, which were ranked based on three-year revenue growth. Fort Worth Inc. unveiled the rankings on January 10 during a reception in the Red Oak Ballroom at ...

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