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  • For those who think that dog attacks aren't that common, just scan the news, specifically looking for reports on the subject.  You'll probably be suprised at the frequency in which these tragic events take place, and disturbed by the horrific details behind each dog attack.  Here is just a sampling: Tucson, AZ - An 86-year-old man was walking his dog when two pit bulls, owned by Kevin Nelson, attacked both he and his dog.  Nearby neighbors came to the victim's rescue, before the police arrived.  An officer had to shoot and kill both dogs because the animals continued to present a threat. Deerfield Beach, FL - A 13-year-old girl was attack by her pit bull.  The dog began acting erratic  and biting the girl.  Two neighbors started hitting the dog with bats, in an attempt to help the defenseless girl.  Finally, one neighbor shot and killed the dog, as it was biting the...
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