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  • The Dirty, Dark Face of Drunk-Driving
    A Business Major, A Superb athlete, An aspiring model. Sean's  perfectly set life was about to turn around on that fateful night. It was the Saturday night before the Easter Sunday, 2005. Sean was drinking with his friends and was going home with a friend Ryan McDaniel. Sean knew he was too drunk to drive but so was Ryan who was dropping him home. Ryan's car hydroplaned and crashed into a tree, he fled from the scene and Sean was left with a brain injury that left him unable to move, to take a bath, to simply walk or talk even. He had lost his voice also in the accident. Life-turned upside down for this 22 year old. Jacqueline Saburido , a student from Venezuela had come to Texas to learn English during her college break. An Engineering student she wanted to help her father run his air-conditioning business ,...
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