Why being a good driver in Philadelphia doesn't protect you from injury


The number of fatalities caused by automobile accidents in Pennsylvania has fallen again. In a report issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the number of deaths caused by drivers across the state has reduced by 1.0% over last year's figures. This reduction is welcome news for drivers and in-keeping with the overall trend to have emerged in recent years.

Every silver lining has a cloud

In less-welcome news, the total number of crashes has increased by 1.8%, with a 1.2% rise in the number of injuries sustained in MVA's. More worryingly, pedestrians and cyclists make up over half of the fatalities caused by such accidents.

While there are many factors which can cause a crash such as mechanical failure, adverse weather conditions, and tiredness, many accidents are the result of driver negligence.

As the most populated area in Pennsylvania, it will perhaps come as no great surprise to learn that Philadelphia features more accidents than any other county. Furthermore, according to the latest information released in Allstate's America's Best Drivers Report, Philadelphia again features amongst the top-ten cities across the country with the worst drivers.

Can the AAA report be trusted as accurate?

Living in a world of facts and figures, much of the information we read is often quantified by the use of statistics. By using mathematical information, reports add a sense of authenticity to their argument, however, statistics can be manipulated to create misleading information.

In this case, the Annual Allstate America's report is created without any leading bias. The information is created by analyzing data collected through first-hand experience involving claims investigated on their own policies. With 10% of every car insurance policy across the United States written by Allstate insurance, this represents a large cross-section of the public to produce reliable information. It may not precisely show America's MVA landscape, however, it certainly provides a good indication of national trends and as such, is a respected source of information throughout the industry.

Accounting for Philadelphia's bad drivers

Being a careful and prudent driver is not enough alone to negate the risks faced on the road. While you can take many steps to reduce the risk of an accident, there's little you can do to avoid bad luck. With reportable road accidents in Philadelphia increasing, so too are your chances of being caught in a collision.

While there are many options available to victims caught up in the misfortune of an automobile accident, not all legal advice is equal. Choosing an experienced attorney can ensure your best interests are well looked after.

By selecting a highly reputable MVA law firm Philidelphia can supply you with, local knowledge and legal proficiency are combined to provide you with the tools needed to engineer a successful outcome.

If you act professionally and abide by the laws of the road, you shouldn't be made to pay for the careless actions of others. If you've suffered an injury in an MVA as a result of someone else's negligence, let the professionals deal with the laws of the road for you.

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