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Inspection of Premise

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The franchiser, ________, and the franchisee, _________, as set forth in their franchise agreement on ____________ and as witnessed by __________, have agreed to the following additional terms and conditions:

Upon inspection of franchisee premise the following findings where deemed below standard or in violation of agreement. The franchise is permitted the following _____ (number of days or weeks ) to correct or repair problem areas for re-inspection on __________.

1. Failure to _______________________.

2. Failure to _______________________.

3. Failure to _______________________.

4. Failure to _______________________.

5. Failure to _______________________.

6. Failure to _______________________.

7. Failure to _______________________.

8. Failure to _______________________.

Franchisee must perform necessary tasks to correct above problems in the specified amount of time or the franchiser may at the expense of the franchisee select an employment agency to correct the problem areas and may continue use of such agency for _________.

Date: ________.









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