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Internet Sub-Board Agreement Promotional Consideration

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A BBS may offer to provide support access in exchange for being advertised within the product. This form provides for this type of arrangement and quite importantly for how to unwind it.


Board of Directors BBS, referred to as SYSTEM, and [Name], referred to as USER, agree:

SYSTEM provides a computer telecommunications system commonly known as a "Computer Remote Bulletin Board System" (BBS). USER desires to use the system for the posting of program and information files, and messaging. SYSTEM is willing to provide the same under the terms and conditions stated herein.

As consideration for the provision of services herein, the USER shall include in its documentation and other publications an advertisement for the SYSTEM, substantially in the form of the attached Exhibit 1. USER shall provide copies of all such advertisements to SYSTEM.

Unless terminated as provided herein, this agreement shall begin on [Date] and conclude on [Date].

SYSTEM shall, at its expense, provide a "forum" also known as a "sub-board" to USER. This forum shall support:

upload of files by the USER;

download of files by patrons of the BBS;

posting of public messages by the USER;

receiving of private messages by the USER; and, posting of bulletins by the USER.

USER shall designate no more than 5 representatives to act as forum administrators. The administrators shall have the right to upload to the forum and delete messages. USER will keep all passwords and all information regarded to the security system of the BBS which may be provided from time to time confidential.

USER agrees that its activities shall be in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations and shall indemnify BBS from all claims related to its activities herein.

USER agrees that it shall not imply or state that the offers made on the BBS system are approved or made by the BBS system. BBS shall not act as "arbitrator" or "judge" of claims made by those dealing with USER on the system.

The BBS system shall have the right to review screens and other displays used by USER, and, may in reasonable discretion reject screens or displays if the same are not up to the standards of the BBS.

The BBS shall have the sole right to "lock out" users for violation of BBS systems policies. USER agrees that in the event that a user is "locked out" from the system that the BBS's decision shall be final, and that the BBS shall not conduct business with such person on the BBS.

Copyright to all items created by the USER shall be held by USER.

BBS may discontinue this agreement upon 31 days notice.

USER agrees that in the event of a system failure, or other interruption of service, that the liability of the BBS shall be limited to restoration of service.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and this agreement may only be amended in writing executed by the parties hereto.

Dated: ______________________


System (Board of Directors BBS)



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