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What Is a California DUI Expungement?

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If you've been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence), it's considered a pretty serious offense and will go on your criminal record. A DUI expungement is a formal process of deleting or clearing this DUI record. Expungement is different for every state. However, generally it means the cleansing or destruction of a person's conviction information. Because the laws are different, it's important to consult with a drunk driving defense lawyer to get help with the process.

In the state of California expungement relief is granted by California Penal Code Section 1203.4 after a person completes their probation. However, a DUI charge or conviction will not be permanently erased from a person's record. Furthermore, if an individual is charged with another DUI within ten years, the incident could still be used as prior conviction. This means that if DUI #1 is expunged and the person is charged with another DUI (#2), it will still be considered a second offense.

The Benefits of a DUI Expungement

So if a DUI cannot be erased from your criminal record in California, what exactly are the benefits?

1. The current case will be dismissed by the court

2. A person does not have to disclose the conviction when applying for a job with a private employer. However, if applying for any government or state-related position, the DUI charge must be disclosed.

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