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Eleven Dead after Colusa Casino Bus Accident

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It was last October that a public bus that was on its way to the Colusa County Casino resort flipped over into a ditch and killed 10 of its passengers. An 11th passenger died several months later because of injuries sustained during the accident. The bus held approximately 41 passengers, virtually all of which were elderly immigrants of Mexico going to the casino for a routine gambling trip. For the first time since the accident, the driver of the bus has made a public statement regarding his involvement in the deaths of the 11 passengers.

The bus driver recently wrote a letter to Sacramento's Modesto Bee. In it he assured the families of the deceased victims of his regret regarding the fate of their loved ones. He also expressed his deepest apologies, but stated that he did not believe he should be charged with manslaughter. Many families of the victims disagree because of the controversial cause of the accident. Although the driver has not yet been charged for manslaughter, many believe he will be found guilty of such because other passengers on the bus claim they saw him dosing off at the wheel. The owner of the bus company, who was also the stepfather of this bus driver, attempted to avoid the accident when he felt and saw the bus lurch toward the ditch. He was unable to do so in time and became one of the 10 victims that died during the crash.

The Colusa County District Attorney has charged the bus driver with felony vehicular manslaughter. This is because he believes the driver was negligent in driving a bus full of passengers while tired. The bus driver could be convicted for the felony vehicular manslaughter because of this negligence and also because of his past convictions. To begin, the bus driver was not actually authorized to drive this type of vehicle in the first place. He had a commercial driver's license but was limited to driving a commercial truck, not a bus. The driver also has previous criminal convictions, including possessing a firearm as a felon on parole, possession of a destructive device, and possession of marijuana.

Other parties may potentially be at fault for the accident, however. Besides driver error, the bus company could also be held accountable for the deaths and injuries sustained during the accident. They were responsible for ensuring that the bus was driven by someone who held the proper license to do so. In addition, the road on which the bus was traveling may have been hazardous. County and city governments are responsible for road maintenance and sometimes fail to do so, leading to accidents and injuries. If you or one of your family members has been injured in a bus accident such as the one in Colusa County, you should contact a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers specialize in injury and wrongful death cases. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to determine who is at fault for these types of accidents so that their clients can receive fair compensation from whoever is to blame for their injuries.

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